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My name is Emily and I'm a knitwear designer and teacher who has recently relocated to Washington D.C. after living in the bay area for around 9 years. I love knitting, crocheting, designing, and connecting people with the joy of something they made themselves. There is something incredibly satisfying about bucking the system and proudly wearing or gifting an object you stitched with your hands. 

I have a passion for using regenerative and ethical textiles and therefore design with local, naturally dyed yarns or yarns produced within the U.S. I have worked for and with Fibershed the non-profit and recommend checking out the website for more information regarding regenerative textiles. 

I love to design and spend most of that design time crafting easy to use knitting patterns with the knitter in mind. I also make finished garments and am available for commissioning custom pieces or patterns. 

Apart from my love of all things textiles I spend my time cooking, tending to plant babies, dancing, making beeswax candles and occasionally tinkering on a ukulele or banjo. 

If you have any questions, or would like to connect with me, check out all of the ways you can do that here